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Whether you're a mum dashing out on the school run or a commercial driver in your vehicle for the majority of the day, seatbelts are vital to the safety of you and your passengers. No matter what the journey, no matter what the speed, seatbelts save lives.

The decision to wear a seatbelt is a simple one. The action of putting one on is an effortless one. Yet the choice to do so can prevent fatal consequences. Even on the shortest, familiar and slowest of journeys, a crash can have devastating impacts on your life and the lives of all others affected.

A variety of myths exist surrounding the use of seatbelts - "they're not needed if I know the route and drive safe" or "seatbelts can be dangerous". Nevertheless, these simple, straightforward tools exist as life savers and the best possible protection for you in a crash.

There's no excuse. Seatbelts save lives, when will it click?

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