You are far more likely to be involved in a crash if you are being driven by a 17 - 24 year old, compared to a driver from any other age group. For more facts that may surprise you, read on.

  • Over 167 car occupants aged 16 - 24 have been killed or seriously on Kent's roads in the last three years.
  • The consequences of a crash can be devastating for all involved - psychologically, physically and emotionally.
  • The 17-24 year old age group represent 30% of all car occupant casualties on Kent roads.
  • As a driver, you have a responsibility to the safety of your passengers. If your careless or dangerous driving leads to a crash, the punishment you face could be a criminal record, large fine, disqualification, imprisonment.
  • As a passenger, you have a responsibility not to distract the driver you're travelling with.

Do what it takes...

If you find yourself in a dangerous situation as a passenger, why not use some of the ideas below to help get yourself out of the situation.

  • "No need to hurry mate, I don't want to get home too soon."
  • "Can you stop the car, I don't feel very well."
  • "I really need some air, do you mind stopping?"
  • "I feel sick, can you let me out?"
  • "I've just seen someone I need to catch up with, can you stop?"
  • "I forgot I need to pick something up, can you pull over?"

If you are a parent of a new and/or young driver, the Parents of New Drivers website will provide you with some useful resources and information http://www.parentsofnewdrivers.com/adverts.php.