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Urban Hazards

As drivers we are exposed to many potential hazards on a regular basis, all are a regular test of our ability to be versatile and responsible drivers. Don't take it for granted that you know the road you are driving on well, no two journeys are the same. The following are just some of the hazards you could encounter driving through urban / built up areas:

  • Families with young children
  • Busy times like school drop off and pick up
  • Cars parked that limit your sight lines for oncoming traffic, pedestrians or cyclists
  • Holiday times when more children and teenagers are in town centres and crossing roads
  • Cyclists (experienced and inexperienced)
  • Learner drivers - nervous and unpredictable
  • Other drivers with children in the back (could be distracted)
  • Joggers and runners
  • Pedestrians on their mobile phones or plugged into music
  • Moped riders, often young and inexperienced
  • Weather conditions (e.g. it may have been safe when dry in good light conditions 9am today, but tonight it could be raining during rush hour)
  • Low bright sunshine in Spring and Autumn
  • Someone driving close behind you
  • Dogs or animals loose
  • Elderly people taking their time to cross.

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Can you spot the hazards?

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