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'See the Hazards' has been developed by Kent County Council's Road Safety Team

The aim of the campaign is to help reduce road crash casualties in Kent by highlighting the range of hazards drivers encounter in built up areas. It is also to remind drivers that 'no two journeys are the same' so just because the last journey you made was uneventful, it doesn't mean the next one will be too.

Many of the actions of road users might be predictable but many are not, for example:

  • Does a right hand indicator mean that vehicle is going to turn right?
  • Can you be sure the child on the path won't suddenly remember they need to be somewhere else?
  • How do you know you're not about to pull out in front of a motorcyclist?
  • Is the green traffic light going to stay green until you've passed it?
  • Is the driver approaching a junction going to pull out without looking?
  • Is the cyclist going to wobble into the road?
  • Is the teenage pedestrian too wrapped up in their music or social network to notice traffic?

So there is a burden placed on all drivers to make sure they are prepared for any eventuality - in particular to be ready for other road users to do the unexpected or to change their mind.

What all drivers need in such situations is time to react and the distance to stop. The thing that controls time and distance is speed.

Ensuring drivers are aware of the potential hazards, and both their random and unpredictable nature, should encourage them to adapt their speed to match their surroundings. This is called appropriate speed.

Most crashes in built up areas have an element of inappropriate speed - if you crash it's because you couldn't stop in time. If you can't stop in time, your travelling too fast for the conditions.

The campaign will engage with drivers and riders in many ways, including:

  • Outdoor advertising in main town centre/urban locations
  • Advertising on fuel pumps in petrol stations surrounding main urban areas
  • Bus back advertising on core bus routes into main urban areas
  • Facebook advertising and engagement, and advertising on Kent Online
  • On Heart FM and KMFM

Can you spot the hazards?

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