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Kent Highway Services Kent Road Safety


Kent is a unique and beautiful county with an extensive network of country roads. Kent Highway Services' Country Roads Campaign aims to remind drivers to stay safe whilst appreciating the scenic drives Kent has to offer.

The campaign hopes to increase awareness and knowledge amongst the county's drivers, that the most crashes occur on these types of road. By encouraging you, the driver, to interpret the National Speed Limit sign as a maximum speed, remain conscious of the numerous hazards and to adapt speed according the road conditions, we hope to be able to reduce these rural deaths and injuries significantly.

By reading the road and seeing the hazards, you reduce the risk to yourself, your passengers and to others. When it comes to country roads, the danger lies in what you can't see.

Visit our Facebook page. Come and view our country roads video, voice your opinions, share your experiences and learn something new.

Download our poster, display it and you could be saving a life – CAMPAIGN POSTER.