What is Ghostlids

Just started riding a scooter or 125cc motorcycle?

Or are you an experienced rider?

Whatever the answer, if you’re a scooter rider aged 16-19, this site is for you. Ghostlids.co.uk is all about making motorcycling an enjoyable experience. Ridden right, a motorcycle can be the key to miles of fun and enjoyment. Ridden wrong it could be a short trip to years of misery.

Packed with useful free advice. ‘Ghostlids’ will keep you on the right track.

There have been 127 fatal or serious crashes in Kent involving 16-19 year olds on scooters or motorcycles up to 125cc over the last five years. Kent County Council Road Safety Team are putting up 'Ghostlids' posters around the key crash sites in Maidstone, and subsequently across Kent, featuring a haunting image of a white motorcycle helmet, representing the young lives that have been affected in these crashes.

The crash location page within this website shows all crash locations involving 16-19 year olds on mopeds and motorcycles up to 125cc over the last five years in Kent.

The campaign is still actively looking for case studies of young people who have been involved or affected by a motorcycle crash in Kent. If you would like to support Ghostlids share your story here

Use this website to learn, be safe and above all ENJOY a lifetime of quality motorcycling. Don’t be another statistic. Live a life.

On the Road – a Vehicle or Toy?

Your bike’s the same. Don’t think it’s a big push bike. It never was nor will be. It’s a motor vehicle, just like any other. Use it right and it will give you years of pleasure, use it wrong and it will end in tears.

The bad habits you got into when you played with your mates on your push bikes are not suitable for motorcycling. Other road users do not expect you to ride like an idiot – they expect you to behave in a responsible way just like all the other drivers and riders.

We have to have rules because that way everyone has a reasonable chance of knowing what is going to happen – like driving on the left. Without rules, the road system just wouldn’t work. Unfortunately when it comes to driving or riding we can’t afford to pick and chose which rules we are going to obey and which ones we aren’t. Other road users can’t read your mind, they can only expect you to ride within the rules. Use the Safety pages to learn and keep safe whilst riding on Kent roads.

A note on overpowered bikes…

It’s a big temptation to ‘chip’ your bike, or adapt it in some way to make it go just that bit faster than your mates. But before you do, consider one thing.

If your bike is more powerful than the manufacturer's recommendations, or if it is adapted to go faster, then it is no longer classed as a moped and you won't be licensed or insured to ride it.

You could also then be disqualified from riding the bike by age (only after two years of holding a 125cc licence are you entitled to ride a more powerful motorcycle) and could (at best) end up with a very long ban or a heavy fine.

What’s more, to combat this type of offence, the Police now have portable testing equipment that can tell if your bike has been converted to go faster. If they stop you and check your bike, they can confiscate it there and then if it fails the test. It’s just not worth the risk.