Motorcyle Safety Tips

This section could go on forever, so just begin by thinking about your following distance. Most crashes involving mopeds and motorcycles in town areas are because the rider couldn't stop in time when all the traffic in front slowed. Why? Because they were too close to start with.

Here are three other top tips worth knowing:

  1. Remember the 2 second rule.

    Keep a 2 second gap between you and the vehicle in front and whatever speed you are dong it should give you enough time to react and stop.

    Remember, if it's wet or slippery, double that gap.

  2. Try and vary the degree of braking you use at each brake.

    In good dry conditions, whilst travelling in a straight line, try varying the brake pressure - 75% to the front and 25% to the rear. On a good but wet road change this to 50% front and rear.

  3. Buy a copy of the Highway Code and read it.

    This might sound simple but believe me it's a life saver. There is loads of useful advice and tips. Plus, if you're going to take your test you'll need one in order to pass. Why not be one step ahead of your mates in terms of your upcoming test and get some invaluable motorcycle safety information.

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