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Ditch the Distraction is a KCC Road Safety campaign targeted at Secondary School students and aims to raise awareness of the danger of being distracted at the roadside - even phones and mp3s can stop someone giving the road their full attention and have tragic results.

At the end of June every Secondary School in Kent will be receiving a Ditch the Distractions pack with postcards and wristbands. Whilst we cannot provide a wristband for every student, we are giving each school enough for one year group - but everyone can play the game and enter the competition. By playing the game and visiting our website we hope that all students will remember the dangers of letting even the most everyday items take their focus from the road.

The campaign aims to raise awareness that traffic incidents represent the greatest risk to young people's health and are the biggest cause of death and injury to school aged students. In Kent, the peak age for young pedestrian and cyclist casualties is 12 - 16 years.

207 students in this age group were killed or injured on Kent's roads last year.

Can you help? Why not download and display one of our campaign posters (links below), you could be helping to save a life:

Stop Fooling Around

Stop Texting

Pause your mp3